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Construction Lead Reports

These reports are designed to help businesses identify real-time opportunities to build relationships and earn new business. Pricing starts at $25/month.

Benefits of Construction Lead Reports
Generate a list of leads from building projects that are happening right now!
There are multiple sources for lead lists in the market, but many of the leads they provide aren’t actually doing business. By using building permit data to generate our lead reports, we ensure that you only focus your efforts on companies that are actively working on construction projects.
Verify that you are doing 100% of the work for your customers.
Are you really getting all of your general contractor’s, remodeler’s or builder’s business?
Get a head start on your competitors!
Because we offer the most timely reports in the business, you will be the first in your industry to contact builders and contractors in your area.

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Construction Summary Reports

These reports provide historical data to help businesses analyze the market to reveal areas of opportunity. Pricing starts at $50/each.

Benefits of Construction Summary Reports
Identify hot market areas where building activity is occurring.
Great for your land departments
Find out where you should direct your marketing efforts
Monitor your competition and see what they’re doing
Which competitors are doing the most business in your target areas?
Find out the names of property owners in your area
Are they on your current list of prospects? Have you presented to them before and not won their business?
Identify market trends
Track changes in number of permits pulled on a quarterly, semi annual, or annual basis

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All Reports Include the Following Information: Get a sample report »
  • Permit Type
  • Contractor Agent
  • Project City
  • Project Notes
  • Agent Phone
  • Cost
  • Contractor
  • Property Owner
  • Permit Date
  • Contractor Address
  • Project Address