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Construction Lead Reports

Construction Lead Reports are designed to help businesses identify real-time opportunities to build relationships and earn new business. These timely reports save you time and money by compiling valuable permit data from various sources into one easy‐to‐read document. The reports are delivered directly to your email at the intervals of your choice for an affordable subscription rate.

Lead Report Subscription Options and Pricing
Full Monthly - starting at $25/month
Sent on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. This report contains ALL permits obtained for the previous month.
Monthly - starting at $34/month
Sent on the 1st of every month, contains ALL permits obtained prior to the end of the month.
Includes the Full Monthly Report
Weekly - starting at $50/month
Sent every Saturday, contains the previous week’s permits.
Includes the Full Monthly and Monthly Reports.
Daily - starting at $67/month
Sent every Tuesday thru Saturday. Contains permits from the previous day.
Includes the Full Monthly, Monthly and Weekly reports.
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Benefits of Construction Lead Reports
Generate a list of leads from building projects that are happening right now!
There are multiple sources for lead lists in the market, but many of the leads they provide aren’t actually doing business. By using building permit data to generate our lead reports, we ensure that you only focus your efforts on companies that are actively working on construction projects.
Verify that you are doing 100% of the work for your customers.
Are you really getting all of your general contractor’s, remodeler’s or builder’s business?
Get a head start on your competitors!
Because we offer the most timely reports in the business, you will be the first in your industry to contact builders and contractors in your area.

All Reports Include the Following Information: Get a sample report »
  • Permit Type
  • Contractor Agent
  • Project City
  • Project Notes
  • Agent Phone
  • Cost
  • Contractor
  • Property Owner
  • Permit Date
  • Contractor Address
  • Project Address